Peoria Western

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Railroad Details Peoria Western Scale Status Superintendent Dennis Weber Interchange CB&Q / C&NW / IC / CRI&P / ATSF Locale Peoria, Illinois Era 1968 Layout Size 25' x 25’ Double Deck Control Easy DCC Dispatching Verbal Authority Communication Radios Clock Speed N/A Forwarding JMRI Switch Lists Crew Size 9-11 Listed Jobs 2 Yard Switchers, 2 Industrial Switchers, 6 Road Crews

This free lance Railroad  is Based in Peoria,ILL in 1968. The P.W. is Double Deck with 325-ft of Main Line, the lower level is located in Peoria, top level runs from  Peoria Heights to  Savanna,ILL. Features of the Layout include a Large Industrial Area { Flats }, Car  Shop Complex, & a Curved  Double Ended  Yard.  P.W.  has live Interchange with Five Railroads.=== R.I.= I.C.= C.B.& Q. = A.T.S.F. = C.& N.W.   Atlas Code-83 was used Throughout  the Layout.  C.V.P. Easy-DDC with Eight Wireless & Two Tethered Throttles are used to Control  Train Movements.  JMRI  Computer Switch Lists  Regulate Car  Flow. Dispatching is by Verbal Occupancy  P.W. Owned  Radios .

Session’s   Last    4-Hours,  25 Train’s {  Plus Yard  Jobs}  are  Run  in  Sequence,   I  do not  use  a  Fast  Clock,  it   is  more  Relaxing  that   Way.


  • 10 Operators are  Required
  • Footboard  Yardmaster   { Trimend of Yard }
  • Yard>  Class Engine
  • Shops Complex-Engine
  • Flats>Industrial-Engine
  • 6-Pool  Jobs Cover  Turns  To Deer Grove, Pabst  Brewery, &  Chillicothe  Interchange, Along with  Over the Road Trains.

Photos from the Peoria Western

About Dennis Weber

Owner of the Peoria Western. A life Long Railfan That got Into Model Train's in the 1980's, All Thanks to My Mother That Set My Highchair in the Front Window To Watch { Daddy} Switch In Milwaukee Road's LaCrosse,Wi. Yard.