CPKC Davenport-Muscatine, IA

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Railroad Details CPKC Davenport-Muscatine, IA Scale Status Superintendent Jeff Hoffman Subdivision Ottumwa Interchange BNSF, IAIS Locale Davenport-Muscatine, IA Era modern Layout Size 460 ft mainline Control WIFI Dispatching TWC/CTC Communication FRS radios Forwarding CC/WB (switchlist in future) Crew Size 8 Listed Jobs Dispatcher; Nahant yardmaster; Nahant yard switcher; Nahant industrial switcher; Muscatine industrial switcher; 3 road crews

The CPKC modeled area is from Davenport to Muscatine, Iowa on a 3 level HO layout. Please download the free aps for your cellphone beforehand, so you only need my wifi to connect to your train. Android phones use Engine Driver; Iphone use Wi throttle. I offer many sit down jobs with only one with required standing. If you have a FRS radio, please bring it.

About Jeff Hoffman

I grew up on an Iowa farm next to the C&NW (former M&StL) and now am living in Lacrosse, WI. I am building an HO layout based on modern day CPKC between Davenport and Muscatine, Iowa.