Burlington Northern – Omaha Region

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Railroad Details Burlington Northern – Omaha Region Scale Status Superintendent Tristan Dwyer Locale Omaha and Western Iowa Era 1970-1972 Layout Size 28 by 64 feet Control Digitrax Dispatching Simplified Track Warrants Communication PABX Phones Forwarding Car Cards Crew Size 16

Set in August 1970 around Omaha and western Iowa the Burlington Northern Omaha Region serves as the railroads primary route from Chicago to Denver with an varying circus of paint schemes from the predecessors to newly delivered cascade green equipment.

The layout consists of three levels set at 60, 45 and 30 inches with a total of 800 feet of single and double track mainline running in a 28 by 64 space, the upper level is from Red Oak IA to Pacific Junction IA with Pacific Jct being the major division point and yard. The middle level runs around the Omaha belt line between Oreapolis NE and Ashland NE which combines with the lower level at Ashland NE and continues on towards Lincoln NE (staging) finally the lower level is the freight bypass which is a direct line to Lincoln NE from Pacific Junction IA.

The railroad offers plenty of diverse operating opportunities from fledgling mainline passenger to hot shot time freights in addition to locals and industrial switching, we also interchange with various railroads at Council Bluffs yard and trains connecting at Ashland NE from the former Great Northern Sioux City terminal.

Operating positions will include a yard master, two switch engines and a roustabout at Pacific Junction, a footboard Yardmaster with an additional helper switch job at Gibson yard (Omaha), South Omaha Switcher, one dispatcher and 9 road crews.


Photos from the Burlington Northern – Omaha Region