Interested in model railroad operations? The men and women of RiverRail invite you to join us, whether you’re an expert at making trains run in a realistic manner, or a rank beginner. RiverRail is based in and around La Crosse, Wisconsin, and is a collection of 14 operating model railroads with more in the works. Our emphasis is on fellowship and mutual help planning, building, and operating railroads large and small. 

We operate frequently, and the sessions often fill up, but most layout owners will welcome a guest or two who wants to explore the fun of low-stress operations. Not sure? We routinely pair experienced crew members with new operators to smooth the learning curve.

We use this website for signups. Before you are allowed to sign up for any operation sessions on the site, we need to register you and your email. This is to minimize spam and hacking. Please contact us to start the process, or to ask any questions you might have.

Operating sessions are laid back with ample conversation and laughter. Most are four hours long with a break in the middle. Jobs are usually assigned by drawing numbers and picking from the list of jobs as your number comes up. New or less experienced operators are always given the option of choosing less challenging positions or working as a two-person crew with a more experienced member. 

A key feature of RiverRail is our mid-session meal break. Sometimes it’s home-cooked, sometimes it’s delivered pizza, and sometimes it’s a gathering at a nearby pub, but always it’s an opportunity to talk railroading with like-minded folks.

We are a welcoming group, always looking for more model railroaders who are interested in the enjoyment of operations. Check out the listing below to see where you might operate soon.

Currently, our group consists of 14 operating railroads with 2 railroads actively under construction. We also remember 8 railroads that are no longer.

Operating Sessions

We have operating sessions just about every week and invite new operators to join the fun of Model Railroad Operations. Check the list below for our next sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

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