Midwest Rail

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Midwest Rail represents a fictional 50 mile stretch of trackage obtained from various class 1’s during the merger periods of BN/ATSF and MIL/SOO/CP.  It’s now classified as an industrial or secondary main.  2 small classification yards sort cars coming from major yards from the east and west; Weber Yard sorts and classes trains for the eastern end, and Lesky Yard does the same for the western end.  One footboard yardmaster handles switching for both.

UP and CNW have trackage rights and serve various industries

Dispatching is by voice with a schematic for the dispatcher on a computer screen.

Control is EasyDCC, and freight car forwarding is with car cards and waybills. Emphasis is placed on smooth running equipment and all having fun; we’re not curing cancer, we’re playing with model trains.

I have 2 eras, one the mid 70’s, the other mid 90’s.

Location is halfway between La Crescent, Mn. and Winona, Mn. on the Minnesota River Road, Hwy. 61.

Contact me at:   thomas-728@hotmail.com


Photos from the Midwest Rail

About Thomas Heilman

I model a free-lanced shortline (Midwest Rail) that came into existence when the BN and SF merged. I have 2 eras (ideas gotten from other RiverRail owners), mid 70's and mid 90's. Location is on Twin Bluffs Drive, halfway between La Crescent, Mn. and Winona, Mn., just off Hwy. 61 at mile marker 13.