Milwaukee Road

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Railroad Details Milwaukee Road Scale Status Superintendent Al Lesky Interchange C&NW / BN Locale Wisconsin, Minnesota Era mid-1970's Layout Size 35' x 35’ Double Deck Control Digitrax Dispatching CTC Communication Phones Clock Speed 6 to 1 Forwarding Car Cards Crew Size 12-14 Listed Jobs Dispatcher, 1 Yardmaster, 2 Yard Switchers, 8-10 Road Crews

The railroad is set in the mid 1970′s and features one of the Milwaukee’s busiest routes, the Milwaukee Road River Division from La Crosse, WI. to St. Paul, MN. Like on it’s namesake, operation includes manifest freights, numerous way freights, patrols, (local switching jobs), and 4 Amtrak passenger trains.

The double-decked railroad has 350 ft. of linear mainline located in a 35 by 35 room. The River Division uses the Digitrax control system with radio throttles. Traffic is controlled by CTC from Grand Crossing to St. Paul Yard.  The River Division requires 12 operators including a dispatcher, a yardmaster at La Crosse with east and west end switch engines, a Wabasha Patrol and a Red Wing Patrol and road crews. Car cards and waybills are used and communication is by telephones.

Photos from the Milwaukee Road