Lake Erie & Southern

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Railroad Details Lake Erie & Southern Scale Status Superintendent Roh Copher Control Digitrax Dispatching CTC Communication Phones Forwarding Car Cards

Set in mid-1960, the Lake Erie and Southern (LE&S) is a freelance Granger road operating in down-state Illinois.

The modeled LE&S Illinois division includes the 1st district between South Anderson Yard to Alton and St.Louis. (550 ft.) also the 3rd district between South Anderson thru Peoria to Spring Grove yard(LE&S) and Creve Croeur(NYC). (525 ft.). Active staging at both ends of the St. Louis line and staging for the P&PU RR at Creve Croeur  along with Spring Grove Yard supply the railroad with traffic. Eight passenger trains, and a  assortment of freight extras (in CTC territory all trains run on signal indication regardless of superiority or class) are operated over the division. Operating positions include a 2 dispatchers, South Anderson yardmaster with a eastend, westend and a depot job switch engines at South Anderson yard, a yardmaster with a switch crew at Alton, IL., a footboard yardmasters at Peoria and Nathanburg plus eight to ten road crews. Operating sessions are 4 hours long not including a 30 minute break in the middle. Normal operating is 16 to 20 operators. The layout dimensions are 29 ft. by 65 ft. Stairs to the basement. The restroom is downstairs

The Lake Erie and Southern Railroad uses Digitrax’s control system with UT4R Radio throttles all locos with working  lights and some sound. The LE&S is full CTC operation on the St. Louis District and the Peoria District.. The Dispatchers is located in a separate room containing the 2 US&S Centralized Traffic Control machines and communications are by block phones. The Peoria District also has the NYC operating with trackage rights on the LE&S from Mayfeild Jct. to Bridge Switch.

Photos from the Lake Erie & Southern