Thermopolis, Laurel, Colorado & Southern

Railroad Details Scale Status Superintendent Ron Burkhard Locale Montana & Wyoming Era Late Steam Layout Size 25X40 Double Deck Control NCE Dispatching Verbal Communication Radio Forwarding Car Cards

Thermopolis, Laurel, Colorado & Southern is a family (freelance) controlled line, operating from Laurel MT., (staging) south through the Wind River Canyon, through Bonneville, with a line split at Bonneville Jct., one portion going east through/past Theis yard, and terminating at staging in Casper. The other line proceeds south to interchange to the Union Pacific at Wamsutter, WY. and Craig, CO.,(staging) to interchange with the UP & D&RGW respectively. The Milwaukee Road line from Rapid City, SD., enters the main at Monolith and proceeds to Theis yard to interchange. Interchange occurs at Laurel with the NP, and GN. CB&Q interchange occurs at Casper.

Power is a mix of primarily steam and diesel. Trains from Casper to Theis yard are diesel powered, cut off at Theis yard, sent to the Diesel house, and steam power added for the trip to Laurel. Conversely, steam comes off at Theis yard, and Diesels take trains to Casper. Trains to/from UP & D&RGW will operate with either steam or diesel. UP & D&RGW run through power is common.

TLC&S motive power consists of USRA Heavy 2-10-2’s, 2-8-2’s (light & heavy), heavy 4-6-2’s for passenger trains, 0-6-0’s and 0-8-0, leased UP, D&RGW & CB&Q steam on occasion.

Control system is NCE radio throttles for road crews, tethered throttles for yard crews. Theis yard is under the control of a yardmaster, switch crew, and hostler/switch crew. There is a job for the Monolith road switcher, Yardmaster and switch crew at Thermopolis, switch crew for the Mineral Springs branch.

Dispatching is by Direct Traffic Control, using radios. Eventually, operations will be by Timetable and Train Orders. There are no signals in use or contemplated at this time.

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