Great Northern Railway Kalispell Division

Railroad Details Great Northern Railway Kalispell Division Scale Status Superintendent Michael R. White Subdivision Kalispell Division, 3rd subdivision Locale Glacier Park area of Montana Era 1953 Layout Size 20' x 46’ Double Deck Control Easy DCC (CVP) Dispatching Verbal Occupancy Communication Radio (provided) Clock Speed 4 to 1  Forwarding JMRI Computer Generated Switch Lists  Crew Size 6-9  Listed Jobs Dispatcher, Yardmaster, Yard Switcher, 3-6 Road Crews 

This circa 1953 HO, double decked, Great Northern layout represents the 100 miles of the Kalispell Division (Third Subdivision) in Montana. Starting at the East End, Havre (staging) and moving West Bound via East Glacier (Glacier Park), Bison (helper service and cattle resting) Summit (Marias Pass), Essex (helper service), West Glacier Park and Belton, Columbia Falls and Kalispell, Whitefish, and Spokane (staging). Industries at Columbia Falls, Singleshot, Essex, Belton, Kalispell, and Whitefish. Yard switching, industries and warehousing at Whitefish. Logging, quarries, plywood plant, lumber mill, grain mill, warehouse for Glacier Park, tannery, Glacier Gravel, concrete plant, furniture factory, propane distributor, Montana State Power plant, large dairy, oil distributor, warehousing, tie plant and various small industries are located in the subdivision. 10-20 trains run in an operating session (through freights, locals, turns, two passenger each direction (Empire Builder and Western Star) also Fast Mail and one local passenger to and from of Kalispell /Columbia Falls/Whitefish. One yard master and switcher (Whitefish).  Logging turn with bunks. Additional jobs are Trainmaster (staging) and dispatcher and 3-6 operators. There are approximately 289’ (4.8 scale miles) of mainline, 1,290′ of total track (21.25 scale miles), and 160 turnouts.  Fast Clock 4:1.

The layout will include signature GN scenes of Summit, high bridges, mountains, and water features especially east of Essex at “goat lick,” billions of trees, mostly on backdrop, several snow sheds between East Glacier and Essex, and tunnels from Essex to Belton.

Nine Staging tracks are west of Whitefish (at Spokane) and nine east of Glacier (Glacier Park Station) at Havre. Total two room area is 920 square feet.(46 x 20).  Layout on two levels; approx. 750 sq. ft.

Control is Easy DCC with 8 radio throttles; 2 tethered throttles at Whitefish.  JMRI dispatching and train management.  FRS raido communication.  Radios supplied.

Photos from the Great Northern Railway Kalispell Division

About Michael White

Modeling since 1991 (never had a railroad as a kid). Interested in GN and NP. Previous model railroads included both. Current model railroad was started in 2010 and is the Great Northern Railway, Kalispell Division (circa 1953), in HO, located 400' above the Mississippi river in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

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