Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific

Railroad Details Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Scale Status Superintendent Steve Brudlos Subdivision River Sub Interchange Chicago Great Western Locale Minnesota along Upper Mississippi River Era 1950 – Early Fall Layout Size 14' x 70' + 14’ x 40’ Single Deck Control Digitrax Dispatching TT & TO Communication Verbal Clock Speed 4 to 1 Forwarding JMRI Train lists & Switch lists Crew Size 8-11 Listed Jobs 2 Wabasha Yard, 2 Redwing Yard, Wayfreight Crew (2), 1 CGW Yard, 2-3 Road Crews, 1 Agent

The CMStP&P recreates Milwaukee Road operations on the double track mainline between La Crosse and the  Twin Cities in the early Fall of 1950.
Hiawatha passenger trains, time freights and way freights dominate the main line. Major switching operations involve Wabasha Yard, Lake City and Red Wing, Minnesota.

Photos from the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific

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  1. Ted Richardson

    Hi Steve
    I had the pleasure of actually operating on your layout during the latest Riverrail gathering. I’ve talked about what you’ve accomplished to my friend and fellow IC modeler Bob Perrin and that he should see this should the oppourtunity arise. This coming Friday we will be passing through LaCrosse on our way to the twin Cities to ride a private car back to Chicago. I was wondering about the possibility of a short visit. I’ll be asking Ron Copher also as he has been to Bob’s and I’ll use him as a reference. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Ted Richardson

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