RiverRail is the name adopted by the Operations Group of Model Railroaders in La Crosse, WI and surrounding areas. A group dedicated to the realistic operations of model railroads as well as fellowship between rail fans and model railroaders. RiverRail is a round-robin group of model railroaders helping to plan, build and operate model railroads from all areas and eras. From the plains of the midwest in the early 50’s, to the mountains of Montana and Idaho in the 70’s, and even into modern day operations, everyone is sure to find something they can enjoy during our near-weekly operating sessions.

A Short History

Currently, our group consists of ten operating railroads and two railroads actively under construction. We have operating sessions just about every Saturday and invite new operators to join the fun of Model Railroad Operations – check the list below for our next sessions. Please feel free to register with our site if you wish to sign up for sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

See More Sessions

A quick glance at some of our railroads.

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