One thought on “Michigan Central Photos

  1. Jim Yaworsky

    For Randy Page:

    Hi. I am building a setup themed on the Canada Southern railway that basically goes from the Niagara River to the Windsor entrance to the Detroit River tunnel, with staging in Detroit. So basically, a direct link to what you are doing… most of my scenes are Windsor and Essex County, including parts of the Amherstburg and Leamington branches. My preferred time period is the 1960’s although I have the capacity – i.e. equipment – to operate in the 1940s and 50s too. My friend Terry Link is also modeling the CASO in your time frame and you are probably aware that he has a terrific amount of equipment and information about the MC, the CASO, and the NYC in general, only part of which is on his “Canada Southern” NYC website.

    I invite you to give me a shout and we can compare notes. My layout is also double-deck, it is steel stud framing with 1/4″ plywood and then blue styrofoam. HO scale.



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