3 thoughts on “GNRY Kalispell Division Photos

  1. Doug Dederick

    Hi Mike My name is Doug Dederick and I live in Albany NY. Love to see someone else modeling the Kalispell division. I am modeling in “N” scale and model from Whitefish to Great Falls through Shelby with the branch to Kalispell. Your layout looks to be good size NICE !! Keep up the nice work

  2. Michael White

    Doug thanks for your comments. My layout is HO and circa 1953 from East Glacier to Whitefish with staging at Havre and Spokane. It is double deck and covers about 960 sq. feet. with over 11 scale miles of track and lots of artistic license with industries since there wasn’t much except at Whitefish and Columbia Falls. Been out there several times and the plan is to try and recreate some GN Marias Pass scenes including scratch building Izzac Walton Inn and modeling a couple of high bridges and the goat lick. There are 10 layouts in our group and there is another “high line” in our group also; it is BN Maria Pass circa late 80s to the 90s. If ever out this way let us know and you can operate!! Michael White : GNRY AT Gmail.com

  3. chris kremler

    Hello there Mike, if you still look at these emails I would appreciate it if you could put me in touch with Doug Dederick please. I am a model railroader in Australia and belong to the Waverley Model railway club. I recently built an HO scale layout of the GN line between Essex and Whitefish which we exhibited this year at our annual show. Although not exactly prototypical it somehow featured on Google. As I looked through the images I came across Doug’s impressive model of Whitefish station which we were unable to get any accurate plans for and ended up kitbashing a ready made model which we are not entirely happy with. An email to the Stumptown historical society also proved fruitless.
    If Doug has some plans and is willing to share them he can contact me on my email and I would be extremely appreciative.
    Thanks in advance
    Chiris Kremler.

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