Lake Erie & Southern Ops 7/23/1960

When: Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm

The Lake Erie and Southern Railroad is ever striving to be competitive against fierce competition from the neighboring roads and the soon to be completed interstate highway. The road’s new agreement with the Rock Island RR for trackage rights between St.Louis and the Kansas City KS. Gateway is a step in that direction. The Traffic department has added trains #50 and #51 between our eastern terminals and Kansas City. The operating department will do their utmost to see the new trains expedited on their speedy schedules.
The Dining car Peoria will be serving Vault Pizza and magic brownies.


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Call Board

Steve Rush - May 4th, 2016
Neil Roggensack - May 4th, 2016
Calvin Radtke - May 4th, 2016
Alan Schroeder - May 6th, 2016
David Waraxa - May 6th, 2016
Dave Burman - May 8th, 2016
Nick Tharalson - May 9th, 2016
Steve Brudlos - May 14th, 2016
Brian Krotzman - May 14th, 2016
Robert Welke - May 21st, 2016
Ed Klein - May 29th, 2016
Ron Burkhard - June 3rd, 2016
George Pulford - June 3rd, 2016
Scott Stearns - June 20th, 2016
Nancy Stearns - June 20th, 2016
Rick Woods - June 21st, 2016
Shane Lambert - June 27th, 2016
Al Lesky - July 12th, 2016
Paul Hackner - July 23rd, 2016

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2 thoughts on “Lake Erie & Southern Ops 7/23/1960

  1. Shane Lambert

    According to the CEO “The Dining car Peoria will be serving Chicago Style Hot dogs and magic brownies.” Not sure what time we will break but usually about mid way through the session. The cost of the meal will be announced when we break.

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