BNSF Kootenai River sub

When: Saturday, October 7th, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Looking back I see I’ve only have had one session since New Years day and that one I had to move because of a death in the family.  Ma would not want to see me waste my money so I’m hosting a session in October.  Brats and beans and whatever else we can come up with for the main meal.  PLEASE NOTE!! Park on the side lot towards the ball park.  Angle park on the grass there and come in the back door.  Bar car is always open, especially for this one!  We will hoist one for ma.


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Michael White - August 8th, 2017
Dave Burman - August 8th, 2017
Adam Dagendesh - August 8th, 2017
Daniel Lipps - August 8th, 2017
Neil Roggensack - August 8th, 2017
Chris Engel - August 8th, 2017
Thomas Heilman - August 8th, 2017
Paul Hackner - August 9th, 2017
Lynn McMahon - August 9th, 2017
Terry Schardt - August 9th, 2017
Steve Brudlos - August 11th, 2017
Nick Tharalson - August 14th, 2017
Ron Burkhard - October 6th, 2017
Dennis Weber - October 6th, 2017

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Freelancing the BNSF out west in the Kootenai River sub. First train, a Lionell, when I was too young to remember. I remember the orange handle made the whistle blow. Got my first H.O. train set when I turned 8. I remember riding to North Main Hobbies in Racine that day, 57 years ago. If I can remember all that how come I cannot remember what did I did yesterday?

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