BNSF Kootenai River sub

When: Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 3:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Well, chemo, radiation and summer is over.  Fatigue still plagues me a bit but slowly climbing out of that low energy hole I’ve been trapped in.  It’s time to open the layout up again.  Planning on having brats, beans and something sweet for desert.  RiverRail 2016 went very well here and is now a distant memory.

Park out back.  Rear door closes at 3.


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Call Board

Paul Hackner - July 6th, 2016
Dave Burman - July 6th, 2016
Thomas Heilman - July 6th, 2016
Lynn McMahon - July 6th, 2016
Terry Schardt - July 6th, 2016
George Waltershausen - July 8th, 2016
Daniel Lipps - July 8th, 2016
Calvin Radtke - July 9th, 2016
Steve Brudlos - July 9th, 2016
Neil Roggensack - September 13th, 2016
Dennis Weber - September 23rd, 2016

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About Dave Waraxa

Freelancing the BNSF out west in the Kootenai River sub. First train, a Lionell, when I was too young to remember. I remember the orange handle made the whistle blow. Got my first H.O. train set when I turned 8. I remember riding to North Main Hobbies in Racine that day, 57 years ago. If I can remember all that how come I cannot remember what did I did yesterday?

2 thoughts on “BNSF Kootenai River sub

  1. Shane Lambert

    Wish I could attend this one as it’s been too long. Alas, I will be on an airplane heading towards Atlanta, GA for a family vacation that ends with Dixie Rail.

  2. Dave Waraxa Post author

    Have fun. You have not held a throttle here for some time, which is appreciated with your work during RiverRail.

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